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Itupoker.com Agen Poker Online Indonesia Terpercaya

Itupoker.com Agen Poker Online Indonesia Terpercaya - Online poker rooms sponsor high profile poker players as a way of marketing their brand, then that is just the case having Absolute Poker, which generally recently signed mass popularity the poker player as a provided pro. Jones will be representing the actual online poker venue at live occurrences and online, wearing their gear together with big TV situations like the Scene Series of Poker, and generally pouring as an highly recommend for Absolute Poker.


As part of Poker News Daily, Lacey Jones talks about her signing up with Definite Poker as most certainly as a poker player:

PND: Do you work online poker at present?

Lacey Jones : While i was living in Los Angeles and after that modeling. I was considered playing in one specific lot of apartment games with company directors and producers, that may was good network. I was by doing it for nice and my adviser called to talk about that she had an opportunity when me. It would be to play in just an ESPN Mike and Mike in the Morning good cause event for cystic fibrosis, which my uncle died from. I did well in the tournament situation and a week later, Absolute Poker called my real estate professional and wanted to book me. I met with Mark Serif in Las vegas and he welcome me if I would go pro if they gave me the fantastic tools.

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